NEW BOOK ALERT: A Plan to Save the World

Hi everyone! CLICK HERE TO READ MY NEW BOOK !!!!!!

I’m excited to tell you all that I’ve been writing a lot recently.

However, it hasn’t been on my other work in progress, ‘The Red Haired Witch’… Instead, I’m writing a new genre, mystery/romance book called ‘A Plan to Save the World’!

Without further adieu, check out this blurb:

A Plan to Save the World

Willa Triston is your typical post-teen trying to get through university without her grades flunking. Her interests include studying journalism, over-analyzing things, and trying to conserve the Earth.
Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 11.33.20 pm.png
While studying on a seemingly normal evening, Willa decided to look through her apartment window and saw something she had never seen there before. A flickering light. Fast forwarding past a dangerous night and some bad decisions, she ends up at the police station arrested by her own town’s Sheriff, Rome Pendleton.

When clearing up misunderstandings create more issues and Rome’s department becomes understaffed, and Willa ends up being wrapped up in an investigation, helping at Rome’s side.
At first, it seems easy enough to manage both her university studies and her work with the Sheriff… that is, until she realises there’s a bit more to the investigation than what everyone originally thought.

Now, not only is she trying to avoid Rome’s constant flirty advances, but she’s also realising that not only is it just her neighbourhood in danger… but maybe the whole world.

YOU CAN FIND IT BY CLICKING HERE or literally any other hyperlink on this page.

Thanks always, hope you’re all doing well.

~ Elaelah xx

HOW TO: Haggle Hairdressers

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 8.13.08 pm

In all honesty, this could also be titled “HOW TO: avoid being scammed”.

As much as I LOVE going on trips to the hair salon, I really don’t love the anxiety of costs when it comes to doing anything exciting to my hair. During high school, I found a job in a hair salon doing a small apprenticeship. I didn’t have much interest in the industry, and it was simply because it was the only available job in my small town. However, I learnt a lot of things while being there.

Despite working at the salon those few years ago, I only coloured my hair last year for the first time. Since then, I’ve done regular colour change ups, and I’ve finally noticed how expensive it is from the customer’s point of view.

So here I am, feeling like it is my professional DUTY to give you some tips on how to fetch a reasonable price before you get to your next hair appointment.

    It is so important to call up a few different stores to price-check before you even make your appointment! This is the easiest, most simple way to make sure you won’t be completely surprised when they tell you the end costs!
    Though most people have an idea of what they want, it’s very important to be sure. Once you’re sure, I even suggest for you to learn what method they will use to achieve the hair style (e.g. foils, colour, etc). This is necessary as it’s important to learn the general costs of those processes too.
    Now that you have the knowledge of general base costs and know what you are really wanting from this appointment, it’s important to tell your hairdresser your price range/budget. When saying this, it will give the hairdresser an insight of what they can and can’t try to advertise during your visit, and they will know what they can or can’t sneak in. For example, have you ever had the polite “Did you want me to straighten your hair? I might as well, as the GHD is already warm”? This can sometimes be an extra $20 depending on the hairdresser. If they know about your budget, they should at least inform you of the prices that an extra hair straightening would cost.
    Now that you know how much your visit should cost, and now that you have told them how much you’re willing to spend, you have every right to say yes or no to certain quoted prices. It’s especially important to stand your ground if the numbers they quote are incongruent with the ones you researched. While saying this, it is important to keep in mind that different hair types will also change prices, as well as the time it takes for the service to be finished. However, even with these variances in mind, sometimes in order to get prices raised, some professionals enjoy subtly adding costs here and there. So, if they come to you with a number $100 above your budget, you shouldn’t feel guilty about saying no, or asking how you can get a similar result for a cheaper price. For example, usually a head of foils are more expensive than a hair dye, however, sometimes deals can be on offer, and sometimes you’ll only know if you ask.
    Usually a good hair dresser will work with you to find a reasonable price for a service that will look closest to what you want. Once you’ve found a price you’re happy with, the only thing left to do is to enjoy your overall result! Oh, and that head massage they’ll give you after washing out your colour!

~ Elaelah xx

Sleep Deprivation and Online Shopping

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 9.19.50 pm

As a woman who is practically the FACE of consumerism, last night, I did the expected.

I had a Newswriting article due at 11:59pm, and after some intense procrastination, the time read 9:30pm. Also as expected, I had not even looked at the task sheet yet.

While looking through old pictures, my eyes fixated over a picture I had once screenshot from Tumblr. It was a picture of two friends wearing yellow raincoats that had some striped detailing on the arms. I saw the time once more, put my phone down, and finally looked at my assignment.

With some intense tapping on my keyboard, I tried not to be distracted by boys sending me Star Wars jokes on Tinder. However, while checking my emails to find some important class notes, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

It was a reminder email about the 70% off outlet at ASOS. I lightly skimmed through some of the clothes on offer, before looking at the time once again in a panic.

A small insight into online shopping was all it took to motivate me throughout my news report. However, once I finally finished and submitted it, it was late at night, and I made the mistake of looking at ASOS once more.

In all honestly, I didn’t even find something I liked there. However, my lust to shop had gotten the best of me, and I flicked through other common websites I knew.

There it hit me. My eyes widened in awe. It was a similar, gorgeous yellow rain coat with striped detailing on the arms. It was only $50.

I sat back in my chair, considering my options. I couldn’t find anything cheaper than $50, so that’s why I dared to say “only”. However, as a uni-student, this was a big decision.

However, without another hint of hesitation, I immediately chose my size and added the glorious coat to my cart.

Now that the frenzy had began, I added another coat and another coat to my cart, until I would spend equal to my entire last week’s pay.

There are many tips in life that could relate to this experience. For example, do not grocery shop on an empty stomach… do not buy shoes when you have sore feet.

Let me just say, if I were to have a child, I would enforce the rule of “NO ONLINE SHOPPING WHEN YOU ARE SLEEP DEPRIVED”.

However, after making that point, now it is a brand new day. I’ve come to terms with the state of my bank account, and I cannot be more excited for my order of coats galore to be shipped to my apartment.

Thanks, sleep deprived Laela, for giving me treats to unbox in the near future.

Stay strong for those who can relate, and to all consumers alike.

~ Elaelah xx

December Music Favourites

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 5.50.06 pm.png

Music has always been held with great importance for my family, as well as many other families too. My brother and I always get quite excited about finding new music, and have quite heated discussions on who found an artist first. Because of our tastes always changing based on the new things we find, I like to have monthly titled music playlists filled with every song I enjoyed in those specific months. This is quite helpful when you’re trying to find an old song you like, or even when you’re just curious about what you were listening to in a previous time of your life.

With the serious explanation/introduction aside, let’s move on!

I’ve got to admit, finding new music to listen to was quite difficult last month in December. I was in a constant state of confusion about whether I was supposed to be finding new music, or listening to Christmas classics. My playlists were a hot mess, to say the least. However, there are a few songs that I had on repeat, and thought it would be perfect to put in a December Music Favourites blog post.

On the 2nd of December, I had a Flume concert, and that had basically shaped my music taste for the rest of the month (excluding the Christmas music, that is). Harley Streten is a freaking gorgeous sweet heart and I plan to marry him and make him take my last name so he’ll be called Harley Harley. #cute #bless #myOTP

Anyways, I played his remix of Disclosure’s ‘You & Me’ on repeat for a solid week after the show. However, of course, because this isn’t an essay on Flume, I have many other songs and artists to talk about.

Another stand-out band was D.I.D. In earlier December I’d discovered them through their song ‘Flush’, which can I say, is probably up with my forever-favourite list of songs. They continued to impress me with their song ‘Big Lie’, and also ‘I Meant To Hurt You’. Though they have a predominantly indie album, these three songs really stand out among the rest, and have similar tones to them. Definite recommendation, guys.

I also spent a lot of time listening to Terror Jr, (who was falsely rumoured to be Kylie Jenner singing anonymously). Anyways, the girl’s tone of voice is quite beautiful and capturing, and because of this I loved the songs ‘Say So’, and also ‘Come First’. However, like with bands like CHVRCHES, I didn’t like listening to too many of the songs in a row.

Moving into a different sort of genre, I really enjoyed listening to FKA Twigs. Can we just stop and talk about what a goddess she is, and how Robert Pattinson is so lucky to have her? Although I’d heard of her much before December, I’d suddenly had a yearning to listen to her music again, and I just couldn’t stop. Each song is so artistic and abstract, and all of her video clips are so intoxicating also. My personal favourites are ‘In Time’, ‘Video Girl’ and obviously ‘Two Weeks’ ~ if you haven’t listened to it, do yourself a favour and watch the film clip. Your life will improve on a major scale.

Now, as we’re on the topic of music in December, I have to give a solid shout out to George Michael. Wham’s Last Christmas will forever be the best Christmas song ever. May he rest in peace, and might I just add that 2016 was too cruel to us.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little post about all of the things I liked listening to in December! If you have any music suggestions for me, please let me know! I’ll be stocking up my January playlist after all!

~ Elaelah x


The Red Haired Witch

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share a story that I’ve been writing and uploading on Wattpad. It’s called ‘The Red Haired Witch’ ~ and TBH, I’m not entirely sure if that’s gonna be the name of it forever. I kinda had writers block when trying to figure out what the title should be.

ANYWAYS, moving onwards… Here’s the front cover.


This is a book that I’m very, very passionate about writing. It fits into a fantasy genre, and has some cute romance parts too. So, without further adieu, here’s the blurb!

“When a kingdom-wide emergency occurs, the much sort after Alistair is forced to visit neighbouring countries in search for help. More specifically, he seeks out the help of Priya Fitzgerald. Priya is an enchanting woman who is experienced and informed about mythical creatures.

Priya has a strange, shady past and is rumoured to be a witch and a temptress, but regardless of this tainted reputation, Alistair can’t help but be drawn to her.

The Red Haired Witch is about a magical adventure, and a fateful love story.”

If this interests you, you can click the link down below to find the story!

Please add it to your library and give me a follow on Wattpad, as well as voting on all the chapters. I’m pretty desperate here. 😉

Thanks so much for your time with this, and I hope you have a lovely day!

~ Elaelah x

New Years Resolutions


After trudging through the vast abyss that was 2016, we’ve finally made it! Well, minus a few sad sacrifices of creative legends. It’s indisputable that 2016 was a pretty shitty year, but when one door closes, another great one will open, and that metaphorical door is 2017.

Although I didn’t bring in the New Year with Darude Sandstorm at a European EDM Festival, and instead just had a Netflix marathon until late… I feel like this year will still be quite the banger. I might even dare to say that I have high hopes for it.

With the bringing of a New Year, comes the bringing of the New Years resolutions.

Now, many people dislike these resolutions. You often hear people say ‘why limit yourself to be able to improve just once a year?’ or ‘the changing of a date isn’t going to change you instantly!’. What are my views on this, though? I’m a sucker for New Years resolutions.

I’ve always been the type who romanticises the idea of renewing myself with the New Year. Heck, I’m the type of person who can’t even start a new diet or exercise regime until the next Monday. So, with my appreciation of the phrase ‘New Year, New Me’, what am I actually planning to do differently in 2017?

I’ve decided that my 2017 will be filled with self growth, both mentally and physically. Obviously, like anyone around the New Year, I do plan to exercise more and adapt into the lifestyle of ‘Less Shots, More Squats’, but that’s not my main physical focus. In 2016, it was my first year at university, and my first year away from home. I didn’t make the best nutrition choices, and my horrible sleeping patterns caused me to be more sick in the one year than I ever have been before. So, this year I’m going to try my best to find and stick to a proper, healthy sleeping pattern. I’m going to find pride in catching those 8 hours of z’s a night.

My next resolution is a mental one, where I plan to improve myself by improving my lifestyle choices. I’ve always been a fan of the environment and clean air. I mean, oxygen is kinda important, kids. So because of this, I’ve done a bit of research into reducing waste.  Unlike many different eco-warrior movements, reducing your own waste and making a conscious effort to recycle more will help prolong the Earth indefinitely. Regardless of others following or not, even with just one person reducing their waste, the yearly total of pollution in the atmosphere will also be reduced. Because of this, reducing your own waste is a great lifestyle choice to adapt into.

Improving myself in a cultural sense, I plan to finally be able to travel. I haven’t had many opportunities to travel outside of Australia, so I’ve decided this will finally be the year to do it. Earning the money itself will be a humbling challenge, and so I’m excited for the whole process to begin.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope some of my suggestions might even inspire your own New Years resolutions. However, if you have any suggestions for me, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

Sincerely, your friendly neighbour,

~ Elaelah x